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Madecipha - Infectious Tenebrosity - the migs mixes (2017)

01. infested by spiders intro

02. gourd of ashes - prophecy mix

03. war room oak - island mix

10.00 USD
Jon MIDI - House of the Rising Gun (2016)

01. axeman can

02. control variable

03. variable control

8.00 USD
U.F.O. - Meet Your Makers (2016)

The Debut Album of Unlimited Future Objectives

01. Welcome Home

02. Star Fighter

03. Brain Transplant

10.00 USD
Arapnophobia (2016)

01. Tangled in the Web (Intro)

02. A Bridge on Fire

03. dance on your grave

10.00 USD
Madecipha presents No Turning Back vol. 2. (2015)
More collaborations, remixes & b-sides. 17 previously unheard songs ranging from 2005 - present.

01. No Turning Back (Intro) (2014)

02. Say It Ain't So (Murder Mix) (2014)

03. New Gods ft. Johnny Rockstar (2005)

Sold Out and Out of Print.
Madecipha presents Coldblooded (2015):
8 tracks of pure Madecipha & MIGS, just the way you like it.

01. Inspiration of Magic

02. Coldblooded

03. Graveyard Shift

8.00 USD
Church (2015)
The second release from Righteousness Gone
The height of brutality! Features from Jus Allah, Rypa the Transparent Exorcist, ILL, and more!

01. And We Are

02. Adios

03. Still Here

10.00 USD
Madecipha presents Zombies Ate My Rhymebook (2014) Madecipha and Live Evil pay tribute to one of the greatest games of all time - "Zombies Ate My Neighbors."
01. Pyramid of Fear

02. Destroy All Vampires

03. Mars Needs Horror Rappers

Sold Out and Out of Print.
No Turning Back (2014)
A collection of b-sides, collaborations, remixes, and demos,
gathered from over the years.
01. The Vessel Has Landed (2004)

02. Everybody (2008)

03. So Nice ft. Raiza Rapz & 5:am (2013)

Sold Out and Out of Print.
Madecipha presents his 4th solo album: Cut Your Losses (2014)

01. Today's The Day (Intro)

02. Chess Game

03. Boogie ft. Jonny Empire

10.00 USD
Completely Disrespectful (2013)
Madecipha & 5:AM bring a fast paced, offensive ride
through debauchery and violence.

01. The Confession (Intro)

02. On With The Action

03. Chaos

10.00 USD
Judas Christ (2013)
Debut album from blasphemous horrorcore group Righteousness Gone (Madecipha and Anthropophagus)

01. Thirty Pieces of Silver (Intro)

02. A Demonstration of Power

03. Azlin ft. Eidolon

10.00 USD
Madecipha's 3rd studio album: Armageddon Ready

01. Are You Prepared? (Intro)

02. When Shit Hits The Fan

03. Running Out Of Time

10.00 USD
To Whom it May Concern (2011)
Madecipha's Second Album. His most dark and depressing album;
an adventure in suicide.

01. Momento Mori (Intro)

02. Reality Sucks

03. Black Roses ft. Emilysis, Donnie Menace & Mr. Freeze

10.00 USD
Word is Bond (2009)
Madecipha's Debut Album. Riddled with paranormal EVP's in the beats.
This one set the tone for his career.

01. Ari Ben Bereshis

02. The End

03. Funerea Sun

10.00 USD